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Welcome to Indo Fluid Power Pvt. Ltd.

INDO has been founded in 1989 and started to manufacture the hydraulic jack. INDO has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders especially for heavy duties in between 5 and 800 tons capacities since 2000.

INDO is a company who adopted the absolute customer satisfaction and aims to provide its products beyond the customer's expectations.

INDO has a wide product range consisting of Hydraulic Cylinders for Construction Machines, Telescopic Cylinders, Industrial and Special Design Hydraulic Cylinders, Low Profile Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders, Hollow Cylinders, Lock Nut Cylinders, Spring Return Single Acting Cylinders and Double Acting Cylinders.

INDO's products have been preferred in diggers, loaders, cranes, forklifts, agricultural machines, etc. and particularly in iron & steel industry, cement industry and mining sector where heavy duty exists.

INDO carries out the project and manufacturing with its experienced engineers and qualified personnel according to the customer specifications except for its own production.

All personnel, who are responsible for product quality in INDO, implement their functions with the philosophy of "quality is not controlled, it is generated" in design, procurement, production, test and shipment processes.

INDO especially consider important of internal and outsourced education for continuous improvement of its personnel.

INDO's basis is to create delighted customers.