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Aerial Work Platforms

INDO Hydraulic Cylinder has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to design and build complete cylinder packages for the AWP industry. With engineering groups that are experts at design calculations and material specifications, our cylinders are manufactured withthe utmost safety factors in mind. With Aerial Work Platform cylinders in service worldwide for decades, customers are assured that our companies have quality hydraulic solutions for their applications.


INDO Hydraulic Cylinder designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders which are used in agriculture around the world. If you’re searching for a simple cylinder for a small spraying application, or one with position sensing devices to assist an end user during work in the field, INDO is your manufacturer of choice. Our extensive agriculture industry expertise will ensure delivery of a robust, proven product, giving our customers the peace of mind that our cylinders will help their equipment to perform well during the frantic planting or harvesting seasons!

Alternative Energy

For years, customers have relied on INDO for custom hydraulic cylinders. Knowledge gained through years of experience designing all types of cylinders is applied to the emerging industry of alternative energy. From wind power to energy storage, our engineers and designers will provide the perfect solution. We specialize in prototypes. We have successfully provided new cylinder designs for numerous "new" applications for a number of industries. Our expertise gained from this gives us the know-how to look at a new application from all the angles. Because of this, customers rely on our expertise to solve their challenges in this emerging industry. Call us today to ask how we can work together to find a solution to your most challenging project.


Demand for ultra cleanliness, super reliability, and exacting specifications require the utmost in state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The INDO Hydraulic Cylinder specializes in producing cylinders for airline jet ways, ground handling equipment, baggage handling equipment, and specialty aircraft repair equipment.

Concrete & Asphalt

Concrete pumps and paving applications create some of the most challenging environments for hydraulic cylinders. The combination of actuation velocity and extreme shock coupled with the paramount need for jobsite reliability make these applications especially challenging. The INDO Hydraulic Cylinder has consistently met these challenges and will continue to service these applications with its quality products.

Earth Moving

The earth moving industry sets extremely rigid requirements for their products, and Earth moving equipment demands rugged, powerful and dependable hydraulic cylinders. The earth moving industry sets extremely rigid requirements for their products, and Earth moving equipment demands rugged, powerful and dependable hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic Press

INDO has experience and expertise in a wide range of press cylinder applications. From custom presses to metal stamping, we design our hydraulic cylinders for heavy duty, high frequency use, ensuring peak performance every time. Years of experience and in-depth knowledge benefit you. Our engineers evaluate and understand the exact performance requirements and underlying processes of each cylinder before beginning any of the design, ensuring that your end product is exactly what you need.
Custom presses Metal stamping
Metal forming Forging presses
Cotton ginning Injection moulding


Our experience in marine applications is unmatched in the hydraulic cylinder industry. We understand harsh environments and unpredictable conditions, and build rugged reliability into each of our products. Steering a ship demands perfect performance and we can meet that demand, every time. Our customers appreciate the reliability of our hydraulic cylinders. We understand that the marine environment is unforgiving, and we build this knowledge into every one of our designs, whether it is a custom design or a cylinder in our standard program.
Steering gear Bow thrusters
Anchor handling Mooring winches

Material Handling

In the material handling industry, the ability to move loads with control and accuracy is critical. Hydraulic cylinders operating smoothly, with no drift, is a key requirement to material handling equipment. INDO Hydraulic Cylinder Group companies have years of experience designing and manufacturing field proven hydraulic cylinders, in a variety of material handling applications, for industry leading OEM’s around the world.

Military & Government

For over 10 years our cylinders have helped make our country strong and safe, and we are proud to continue to provide our second-to-none design and manufacturing capabilities to our federal and local governments. We understand how to work with our partners in the government to provide the best possible product and service experience.


INDO Hydraulic Cylinders are known throughout the mining and rock crushing industry for building the most robust cylinders for the toughest applications. We understand the demanding expectations related to heat, dirt, hard cycling & serviceability, which are placed on mining and rock crushing cylinders. Whether building to an existing design, or custom designing a cylinder for a specific application, customers can rest assured that our experienced engineering staff will work with them to solve challenging application requirements.

Oil & Gas

Within INDO Hydraulic Cylinder, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in land based and offshore drilling applications. Our companies have the most comprehensive offering of hydraulic cylinders for water, gas and oil drilling in the industry, with the capability to produce cylinders. We offer extensive testing capabilities, material certifications and product traceability as requested, and provide our drilling customers with proven, quality hydraulic cylinders that will perform in the field for years.

Solid Waste Equipment

Our cylinders are widely used in the many applications in the waste management and material recycling industry including garbage and recycling trucks, compaction cylinders, roll-off trucks and metal scrap yard equipment. Our many years of experience have allowed us to develop reliable cylinders to meet the tough, rugged requirements of these extremely demanding applications.

Steel Industry

INDO is your choice for complete hydraulic cylinder solutions. With years of experience producing custom cylinders, INDO has a wide range of experience for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repair for steel mills and other primary metal manufacturers. As specialists in heavy duty hydraulic cylinders, we design for heavy duty use in rugged environments, where non-stop performance is a requirement, not a recommendation. We understand that downtime is not an option, and we build rugged reliability into every cylinder.
Primary Metals Ladle Tilt
Pinch Rolls AGC
Side Guides Work Roll Change-out
Roof Lift/Swings Electrode Manipulators
Turret Lifts Oscillators
Pinch Roll Shear Pendulum
Walking Beams