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Quality is always top priority
Whether meeting our own high standards, those required by our customers or by regulatory agencies, INDO understands the importance of quality. INDO maintains a focus on producing a high level of quality, cleanliness in installation and 100% testing of all cylinders. As a result, our customers know that INDO cylinders are always an excellent choice for applications that require durability and constant use, and where maintenance and repairs must be kept to a minimum.

Because of our extensive experience with all applications, INDO works often with a number of regulatory certification agencies, including ABS, DNV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register, U.S. Coast Guard, China Classification Society and Germanischer Lloyd.
Quality, Safety, Health and Environment are key issues at INDO . Our production follows high-level quality assurance, resulting in satisfied customers.

carries out its activities in order to define the customer needs and to provide the best solutions by its well formed customer oriented ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

In this regard, INDO has formed its quality management system for procurement from approved suppliers, process oriented operations and continuous improvement in production.
Our goal is to be one of the world's leading manufacturers and supplier of high quality hydraulic cylinders. At INDO it is our ambition to fulfill our customer’s needs through close and open communication, teamwork and continuous improvement in our processes and products.

We are committed to maintaining high social, ecological and employment law standards and see ourselves as long-term partner to our customers.

At INDO , we do not only sell our products, we provide lifetime support. Our customer support team is on hand to respond promptly to our customer‘s feedback and after-sales needs.
Technological developments have a great impact on our products and therefore yours. INDO invests in acquiring technical know-how so that we can make innovations which make a difference to your products.
We combine modern production processes and machinery, technical know-how and experienced workers to give you hydraulic cylinders which work durably and reliably Our production capabilities
Permanent marking for traceability
Classic CNC processing machines, state-of-the-art turning and milling centers
CNC end finishing on both sides for rods and tubes
MIG welding facility and modern saw installation
Deep drills to machine precise tube inner surfaces
Specific assembly and testing facilities
Hydraulic testing, according to customer‘s specification
Different production possibilities for cylinder components

Reliable suppliers are the key to reliable products for our customers.

At INDO we treat our suppliers fairly and as partners because we know that a steady and reliable supply is crucial to our own production and timely delivery.
Purchase spectrum
Rolled steel bar and rough-turned rolled steel bar
Precision steel pipes and flame-cut steel parts
Hard chrome piston rods and steel forgings
GG/GGG castings, steel castings, nuts and bolts
Steel bushes and turned steel parts
Piston and rod seals and wiper
Spherical bearings